You Are Getting a Puppy Now What?

Puppy Outside Play Yard

Yes, you got a new puppy! Before bringing your puppy home, make sure you have everything ready in your home. So that you can have a pet-friendly home. It will make bringing your puppy home easier on you if you are prepared.

Dog Proof your Home Environment

Puppy proof

Make sure that you tuck electrical cords away. Because as we all know how much puppies like to chew. Make sure that you have all harmful chemicals out of your puppy’s reach. Even some household plants are harmful to your puppy. So make sure you do your research to find out which plants can harm your puppy. Another thing you can do is get down on the floor and look to see what your puppy can find to get into, and then move it, or change where it is.

Supplies you Will Need

Leash Puppy Dish

You will need to get a few items before you bring your puppy home. Stainless steel, non-tip food, and water bowls. Identification tags for your puppy will need to have your puppy’s name, along with your name and phone number, if your puppy gets lost this way your puppy will get back to you. You can go one step farther and have your puppy micro-chipped.

You will need a collar and a leash, make sure that your puppy’s collar fits properly. You don't want your puppy to slip out of his collar and getaway. You will also need to get a crate for your puppy, so you will have a place for your puppy to be when you are away. As you don't want to leave your puppy run free in your house when you aren't there to supervise. You can always buy the crate larger, and let the crate grow with your puppy.

It is always to have a bed for your puppy to sleep on, or a blanket something that has his scent on it, so that he knows that it is his. Just get him a couple of toys, because you won't know what kind of toys he will like when you first bring him home. You can always take him toy shopping when he gets to be a little bit older.

Finding the Right Vet

Puppy Vaccination

Take the time to interview a vet, make sure that you and the vet are a good fit. You will be spending a lot of time together through the years. Check references, talk to current clients. Ask all kinds of questions, so that you know what is ahead of you and your new puppy.

Finding a Groomer

Puppy Brush
Puppy Groomer

If you are not interested in grooming your own puppy, you will need to look for an excellent groomer. You will want a groomer that loves what they do. Ask other people who they use to groom their puppy.  When you find a groomer you might like, ask for references. If they are a reputable groomer they won't mind you asking current clients how they do. But for the in-between times, you will need to have a brush, and shampoo for your puppy for when you have to give them a bath.

Puppy Food

Turkey & Veggie Dog Food
DIY Homemade Dog Food

When you pick up your puppy from the breeder, they will let you know what kind of food your puppy has been eating. This way you can continue feeding your puppy the same type of food. If you feed your puppy a different food right away, this will upset his tummy, and not make for a happy puppy. If you want to switch food, check with your Vet to see how you should do this, without making your puppy sick.

Gates/Outdoor Pen

Puppy Inside Gate
Puppy Outside Play Yard

There could be some rooms in your home that you don't want your puppy to go into, or go up the steps. A baby gate is a good way to keep them out. When you want your puppy to have some good quality outdoor time, you need to make sure that you have a safe place for him to play. You can get a puppy yard fence that will make it into a circle for him to stay in. Since you don't want your puppy to run away.


puppy questions
Puppy Training

Make sure you reward your puppy when he goes outside to potty. After your puppy eats set a time about 20 minutes after he eats, and keep him on his leash while you take him out, so he knows that it is time to potty, not time to play. The best thing is to take him to the same spot every time to potty, so he can get used to the smells.


Puppy Schedule
Puppy Schedule

Make a schedule for feeding your puppy, and keep to that schedule. Your puppy will need to eat at the same time every day, as not to upset his tummy. Make sure everyone in your home knows the puppy’s schedule. Make sure you try and keep the puppies walk at the same time each day. This way your puppy will get into a routine easier.

Socializing you Puppy

playful puppy
Puppy Socializing

It is very important to socialize your puppy with other puppies and dogs. Expose your puppy to a wide variety of people, so your puppy can get used to the idea of people (who are much bigger). You don't want your puppy to be just used to your family. If your puppy isn't socialized your puppy could become aggressive to other dogs, and people. This way by socializing your puppy, you will make sure that your puppy is healthy and happy.

Be Loving, Patient and Kind

Girl and Puppy
Playing with a puppy in a field

Your puppy is new, he has a lot of new things to learn and experience. Even with the best training, your puppy will have a few accidents in the beginning. Be patient with your puppy, and sticking to your schedule will hopefully help with this problem. Just remember when you leave your favorite shoes out, and your puppy chews on them, it's kinda your fault for not putting them away, as well as the puppy. Just remember there will be a learning curve with your puppy.

Remember your puppy will love you back. Just show your puppy that you love him, and he will understand that you are his mom or dad. Puppies love to jump up on your lap to have snuggle time, make the time. Your puppy will become your best friend and will be there for you when you are sad or happy. He will love you unconditionally. With Love and care your puppy will grow into a great companion. All in all the hard work will be well worth it.

In Conclusion 

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